Welcome to the online home of my new book, Diabetic Devil. The book is a combination autobiography and life transformation story. It is not a typical (and boring/useless) diet and exercise, or self-help book.

If it can help you add years to your life, and convince you that you can change for the better, then I congratulate you for making the commitment to enjoy every day of your life moving forward.

Overview of Diabetic Devil

Diabetic Devil is the true story of Chuck Hirsch, a man who ignored all the warning signs of an impending diabetic disaster that nearly cost him his friends, family, career and life.

Throughout much of his life as a successful marketing executive, father, husband and type one insulin-dependent diabetic, Chuck lived on the razor’s edge. He partied his way through the clubs of 1970's and 1980's New York City, rubbed elbows with celebrities and reached impressive heights in some of NY’s most prestigious ad agencies. But Chuck faced a pivotal crossroad in his life when he turned 50. After decades of poor eating habits and incredible levels of alcohol and drug abuse, even in the face of alarming health results, Chuck needed to find a way to fix himself, or continue a slow descent into financial ruin, poor health and eventually death at an early age.

Through a unique “food + exercise + common sense” life transformation plan and the meaningful lessons learned along the way, Chuck safely lost almost 100 lbs and dramatically improved his odds for a healthy and happy future. Diabetic Devil chronicles the peaks and valleys of Chuck’s amazing life story , and while, not calling itself a diet of exercise book, details an easy to follow blueprint for change for the better.

Told in a frank and self-deprecating voice, Chuck recounts his journey with an emotiona honesty and genuineness that will leave no reader untouched, and no diabetic unmotivated to help themselves.

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Tools & Resources

These are the daily Excel spreadsheets that I created to monitor my progress in real time. You can use these to compliment what I advise in the book, in case you have any detailed questions about how I was able to achieve (and wildly exceed) my hopes and health objectives.


Insulin & Blood Tracking Worksheet

Use the Insulin & Blood Tracking Worksheet to start tracking your progress. download here


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About The Author

Chuck Hirsch is a successful, award-winning marketing and advertising executive. While this is his first commercially published work, Chuck was trained by the best writing pros in advertising and has been “writing with success” for almost 35 years. Chuck is the Director of Strategy of Wovn Group, a business planning, brand definition and marketing planning company located in Westchester, NY.


Here is the most recent news about Diabetic Devil. If you have a press or media inquiry, a request for materials or an interview, or anything else, please contact us by clicking here

Diabetic Devil Published March 25, 2016

How a 50 Year Old With a Death Wish Turned His Life Around

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